Your Kids Are Ready for School. Are Their Teeth?

Can you believe it’s already August? You know what that means: the first day of school is just around the corner. Maybe you’re already stocking up on school supplies and have started shopping for clothes and shoes in anticipation of the impending...

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Orthodontics Make Patients, Dentist Happy

Orthodontics are awesome for both you and Alma, MI dentist Dr. Thomas J.McDonald. That’s because our Mid-Michigan Dental Excellence patients are excited about improving their smiles with our cosmetic dentistry services, and that excitement is ...

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You Can Have A New Smile In Less Time With Fastbraces®

When used correctly, technology allows us to do things more efficiently. In dentistry, Fastbraces® have made orthodontic care faster. This is similar to how cars made it possible to get places faster than we could with horses and buggies or how ...

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Four Simple Ways To Improve Your Smile In 2017

You have wanted to change your smile for years, so don’t let another year go by without doing something about it. In 2017, make an appointment with Mid-Michigan Dental Excellence to discuss our cosmetic dentistry. You can do a lot of things to ...

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Why Move More Teeth Than You Need To?

  A lot of people are put off by the appearance of traditional braces. Just as many are worried about the length of time they’ll have to wear braces – two to three years, in most cases. Appearance and the length of treatment aren’t the ...

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7 Amazing Ways Dental Veneers Help Your Smile

When your smile looks bad, you might not know where to start to fix it. Do you begin by getting rid of the stains making your teeth look dull? Do you get chips and cracks filled in so your teeth don’t look damaged? Or do you get orthodontics to ...

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