Why Choose Us? Technology, Treatments, And Comfort For You

At our Mt. Pleasant, MI dental office, we are dedicated to providing your family with the excellent dental care you all deserve. We can do just that thanks to our advanced technology, comprehensive family care, and focus on your comfort. Even if you are without dental insurance, we can help. Simply click on the box in the bottom left-hand corner of this page to learn more!

Advanced Technology For Your Treatment

In order to get modern treatments and take advantage of the latest dental research, you need an office that has modern dental technology. At Mid-Michigan Dental Excellence, we have invested in updating our dental tools and machines to provide you with excellent care. Your visit can be virtually pain-free with the use of our Waterlase laser. It can be used to replace many traditional dental tools to make your next appointment much more comfortable. Our X-rays are fully digital, meaning we use much less radiation to get a much more accurate image. Our DIAGNOdent system uses a dental laser to help identify small cavities. And when it comes to veneers and dental crowns, we have a state-of-the-art CEREC machine in our office. No need to send measurements out to a lab; we make veneers and crowns right here, in just one appointment.

Comprehensive Family Care

Every family is different, so every family needs different dental treatments. That’s why we can deliver a comprehensive range of treatments. We can help young children get through teething and thumb sucking. We offer traditional braces and Red, White and Blue “invisible braces” for teens and adults alike. We can whiten your teeth, cover imperfections with veneers, repair damage with fillings and crowns, and replace missing teeth with dental implants. We can even help with the bad snoring and health problems that come with sleep apnea. And while some dental offices will not see kids, we are always happy to see your whole family.

Focus On Your Comfort

Some dental offices can see your family as little more than walking wallets. They don’t care about your comfort and concerns. This helps create dental anxiety, and it can be passed down from parent to child. At our Mt. Pleasant, MI dental office, our staff knows how to be warm and welcoming to all of our patients, including young children. And in case the anxiety is a serious problem, we offer sedation dentistry to induce a relaxed feeling that will get you through almost any dental treatment. Waterlase treatment can also help you feel relaxed as it makes even complex dental procedures more comfortable, even for kids!
At Mid-Michigan Dental Excellence, our combination of advanced technology, comprehensive family care, and a focus on your comfort simply puts us ahead of other dentists. For more information about how we can help your family, or to make your next appointment, call us at (989)-773-2133 or fill out our online form today.