You Can Have A New Smile In Less Time With Fastbraces®

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When used correctly, technology allows us to do things more efficiently.

In dentistry, Fastbraces® have made orthodontic care faster. This is similar to how cars made it possible to get places faster than we could with horses and buggies or how planes made it possible to cross oceans faster than ships.

So what makes Fastbraces so special? What makes them different than conventional braces? And what exactly can Fastbraces do?

We will answer those questions below.

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How Fastbraces Are Different Than Other Braces

By now, you’ve seen conventional braces. They have square or rectangular brackets with an archwire between them.

Fastbraces use unique triangular brackets. Why does the shape of the brackets matter to you? The shape is what sets Fastbraces apart from other braces.

The triangular brackets allow a couple things to happen. First, they change the way your teeth move. The triangles allow Fastbraces to move the crowns and the roots of your teeth simultaneously. That, in and of itself, saves time.

The triangular brackets also change the length the wire between brackets. This can affect how the teeth move as well.

With traditional braces, the first part of the treatment is focused on moving the crowns of the patient’s teeth. Then, the second phase is about getting the roots of the teeth in line.

Typically each phase of traditional orthodontic care takes about 12 months to complete for a total treatment of two years or more.

If you choose to receive Fastbraces, your treatment time could be completed in less than half the time of traditional braces. Some patients have seen amazing changes in as little as four months.

The total treatment time will vary depending on the extent of the changes that are needed. Regardless, Fastbraces can help you get the smile you want in less time.

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How Fastbraces Are Different Than Short-Term Orthodontics

We offer other short-term orthodontic treatments at our office, like our Red, White, and Blue Aligners.

For some patients, the aligners are a great option. They too can remake your smile in a short time. The difference is that these are more of cosmetic treatment.

Fastbraces are intended to be used for the same kinds of problems as traditional orthodontic care.

Red, White, and Blue aligners may be the right option for you, but Fastbraces can work on a wider range of issues.

To find out which is right for you, schedule a consultation at Mid-Michigan Dental Excellence.


What Fastbraces Can Do

Another way to put this is that Fastbraces really are fast braces. We don’t use them to just make your smile looking nicer. We use them to make your teeth straighter, which can make it easier to keep your mouth healthy.

Fastbraces can work on the following problems:

➤ Crowded teeth

If you had complications when your permanent teeth erupted, your teeth can look like they are fighting over the same space.

To improve the appearance of your smile, Fastbraces can reposition your teeth so they are more evenly spaced relative to one another.

➤ Overbites

An overbite occurs when a patient’s upper teeth stick out more than their bottom teeth. This can lead to wear and tear on teeth when a patient closes his or her bite.

Fastbraces can reign in those teeth so your upper and lower teeth are better aligned with each other.

➤ Underbites

An underbite occurs when the lower teeth stick out more than the upper teeth. Fastbraces can be effective on this issue as well.

➤ Open bites

Sometimes a patient’s upper and lower teeth don’t touch when they close their bite. This can occur when people develop a habit of pushing on the back of their teeth as they teeth are erupting.

➤ Gaps between teeth

The scientific name for this is diastema. You could have gaps between two or more teeth.

➤ Crooked teeth

Crooked teeth can happen for a number of reasons, and Fastbraces can be used to fix almost all of them.


What Could Fastbraces Do For You?

Fastbraces could fix one or more of the issues mentioned above at the same time. They also could help you complete your treatment in a fraction of the time of traditional braces.

You can find out if Fastbraces will work for you at Mid-Michigan Dental Excellence. Just call 989-796-4848 or contact us online to make your appointment.