Transform Your Crooked, Uneven Smile with Orthodontics

No one looks at a beautiful person and raves about a crooked smile. We tend to find symmetry attractive, so when we see a mouth full of uneven and misaligned teeth, we’re not exactly attracted to it. But this is more than just how attractive you look, because like it or not, we tend to treat people better when we think they’re good looking. That means your crooked smile can hurt your chances at promotions, dates, and even service in stores or restaurants. That’s why orthodontic treatment aren’t just for teenagers anymore. Our braces can give you a confident smile others will admire. To know more about our orthodontic treatment, call our orthodontist Dr. McDonald at 989-796-4848 to schedule your appointment today.

Why Might I Need Braces?

When your adult teeth come in, they are supposed to follow your baby teeth as guides for where to go, what direction to grow, and so on. For many people, those baby teeth do a poor job. Your adult teeth can come in crooked, uneven, and generally out of place. Not only does this turn your smile into a mishmash of teeth, but it can make it easier for food to get stuck in your teeth, increasing your chances of cavities and gum disease. Orthodontic treatments like braces are just what you need to safely move your teeth where they belong.

What Will My First Orthodontic Appointment Be Like?

The goal of your first orthodontic treatment is to decide how best to proceed. First, we will talk with you about what your goals are and how you hope your smile will look. Then we will give you a thorough examination, including digital X-rays, impressions, and a visual exam. By combining the diagnostic data with your goals for your smile, we can work together to create a plan to give you that winning smile. Then we will go over your options, the cost, and how long dental treatment will take.

What Are Space Maintainers Used For?

As your children grow up, they start to lose their baby teeth. That’s normal, but it can be a problem if one tooth falls out much sooner than the rest. Without that tooth there to provide support, the nearby teeth can move toward the empty space. That means they can get in the way of the permanent tooth that’s supposed to come in there. At our Alma, MI dental office, we can provide an Ortho-Tain space maintainer. This removable, simple device is worn over your teeth. It keeps or maintains the space, allowing the permanent tooth to come in naturally.

Is There Anything Quicker I Can Get?

Traditional braces take time to get you that winning smile, sometimes up to three years. If you want your smile improved more quickly, we offer Red, White and Blue aligners. These “invisible braces” are made of clear plastic and worn similarly to a mouthguard. You place them over your teeth, and they slowly nudge your teeth where they belong. Best of all, they’re metal-free and almost impossible to notice while worn.

How Do I Care For My Teeth While Wearing Braces?

Wearing braces will bring you great health benefits, but it takes work to keep your teeth clean and healthy while you are actually wearing your brackets and wires. We will make sure you know which foods to avoid, and we’ll maintain regular checkups. We also recommend Plaque HD® to all of our orthodontic patients. Plaque HD® is a revolutionary toothpaste that will highlight the plaque on your teeth so that you know exactly where to brush. Removing harmful plaque will ensure that you have a successful, healthy orthodontic experience!

With our orthodontic treatment, you can get the winning smile you deserve. Call our orthodontist Dr. McDonald today at (989)-773-2133 or fill out our online form if you have any questions.