Keep Your Family Smiling With Help At Our Dentist Office

Good, lasting relationships take time. That’s true whether you are talking about your spouse, your co-workers, or your family dentist. We understand that at Mid-Michigan Dental Excellence. Dr. Thomas J. McDonald, our dentist, wants every family...

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You Deserve More Than Just A Nice Smile With Your Dentures

Mid-Michigan Dental Excellence | Alma, MI Dentures should be more than just a placeholder where your missing teeth used to be. To be true teeth replacements, your dentures should stay securely in place and allow you to keep eating the foods that you ...

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Should You Learn More About Dental Sedation? [quiz]

Going to the dentist can be tough for many people and for a variety of reasons. Even if you know that professional cleanings and examinations are good for your oral health, that doesn’t make it any easier if you are struggling with dental ...

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Sleep Well By Getting Treatment For Your Sleep Apnea

Are you tired of being, well, tired? Do other people often complain about your snoring? You could have sleep apnea, and our team at Mid-Michigan Dental Excellence wants to help you treat it. If you would like to wake up feeling refreshed and maybe a ...

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How Long Should You Wait For A Dental Crown? [video]

Dental crowns have been used to repair teeth that are damaged, decayed, and discolored for decades. For a time, getting dental crowns required multiple visits to the dentist office and wearing a temporary crown until your real crown was ready. At ...

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A General Dentist Who Helps Whole Families

To get the best family dentistry, you need to go to a general dentist who can help you keep your kids’ mouths and your own mouth as healthy as they can be. You need to visit a general dentist like Dr. Thomas J. McDonald at Mid-Michigan Dental ...

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Mini Implants Can Make A Huge Difference

Dental implants have made restorative dentistry better than it has ever been. That’s true across the United States, including right here at our dentist office in Alma, MI. Mini implants have given us so many great options to restore the smiles ...

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Two Ways To Replace A Lost Tooth [infographic]

Are you one of the millions of Americans who is missing at least one tooth? Did you know that you can replace your lost tooth, and the staff at our dentist office in Alma, MI, can help. We can use a dental crown and a dental implant to create a ...

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Better Dental Care Through Dental Sedation

Dental anxiety causes millions of Americans to avoid the dentist as much as possible. Fortunately, dental sedation provides a way to manage your anxiety so you can receive the dental care you need to keep your mouth healthy. At Mid-Michigan Dental ...

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