The Great Electric Toothbrush Debate

The debate over the electric toothbrush isn’t quite as heated as the one over the electric car. The documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?” alleges oil and automobile companies conspired against electric vehicles. No one is saying toothbrush...

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In Tooth Decay Battle, Laser for the Win!

As Darth Vader knows, a laser is a valuable aid in taking out your enemies. It turns out our Alma, MI dentist Dr. Thomas J. McDonald has a little something in common with the “Star Wars” bad guy. Like the Sith Lord, Dr. McDonald frequently arms ...

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Orthodontics Make Patients, Dentist Happy

Orthodontics are awesome for both you and Alma, MI dentist Dr. Thomas J.McDonald. That’s because our Mid-Michigan Dental Excellence patients are excited about improving their smiles with our cosmetic dentistry services, and that excitement is ...

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Dry Mouth Deserves Dental Attention

Dry mouth and dental decay are a damaging team. Dry mouth enables decay, which can cause cavities and, sometimes, tooth loss. Why is dry mouth such an enabler? Saliva helps clean away the bacteria on your teeth that ultimately causes dental decay. So...

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Mini Dental Implants May Be Right for You

You’ve heard about dental implants, but you worry your jawbone may not be strong enough to support them. You may be a great candidate for mini dental implants! Alma, MI dentist office Mid-Michigan Dental Excellence uses mini dental implants to ...

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