We Want To See Your Pearly White Smile

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“Say cheese.”

“Smile for the camera.”

“Show us your pearly whites.”

You’ve probably heard all of these when someone was taking your picture. What used to be an activity for special occasions (vacations, family reunions, weddings) is now an everyday occurrence in the age of social media.

Some people post “selfies” on a daily basis of themselves, their friends, and their family. Knowing that hundreds, if not thousands, of people could see your picture on any given day, you want your smile to look its best.

That means having white teeth and a bright smile. If your smile isn’t as shiny as you would like, make an appointment at our dentist office in Alma, MI. We offer two services as part of our cosmetic dentistry that could give you back your smile!

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Lift Stains With Professional Teeth Whitening

Your teeth will become stained over time. That’s just part of getting older.

Every meal you eat, and every sip of coffee, tea, or some sports drinks adds a little to those stains. When your stains reach a point where you are ready to do something, what are your options?

Many people are tempted to run to the store for one of the countless teeth whitening products on the shelves. The American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs has researched these products, and here are some of their findings:
▶ Whitening toothpaste can remove some surface stains, but does not contain bleaching agents to reach deep stains.

▶ Whitening gels and strips do contain bleaching agents, but commercial products only contain a fraction of the active ingredients you’ll find in professional teeth whitening products.

▶ Professional teeth whitening can remove deep stains in a short amount of time.

▶ However, you also should talk to a dentist (like our Dr. McDonald) before you use any teeth whitening product with a bleaching agent.

Teeth whitening can be a fast and effective way to give your teeth a clean, white appearance again. Unfortunately, whitening products aren’t a good idea for every patient.

Letting us look at your teeth can help you make the right decision about how to whiten your smile.


Hide Your Teeth Behind Dental Veneers

If teeth whitening isn’t an option, dental veneers could work instead. Even if teeth whitening would work, you still may find reasons to choose veneers.

Rather than removing the stains, veneers act as a cover for your teeth. This changes how your smile looks to the rest of the world.

It’s important to keep in mind that teeth can be healthy even if they are somewhat discolored.

Stains are just one of the reasons your teeth may not be as white as you would like. An injury can cause a single tooth or a few teeth to look different than the rest of your smile. Illnesses and some medications can affect your smile as well.

With veneers, we can create a “false front” for your smile. Veneers are made to look and function like your natural teeth, and they can be shaded as white and bright as you want them to be.

You also will appreciate that dental veneers are more stain-resistant than natural teeth, which means you will be able to maintain that white smile for longer.

With proper care and maintenance, your dental veneers can last for decades before they need to be replaced. How often you choose to have your teeth whitening can vary depending on how quickly new stains develop.


Other Considerations

Professional teeth whitening is really good at cleaning up your smile. If you have an event coming in the near future, teeth whitening is probably the fastest way to change your smile.

It will take at least a few weeks to get your dental veneers, but they can do more than just make your teeth look whiter. If you have chipped teeth, worn-down teeth, or “short” teeth, dental veneers can help. If you have crooked teeth or gaps between your teeth, veneers can hide them, too.


We Are Here To Help

We can’t tell you which option is right for you. However, Dr. McDonald can examine your teeth and your smile. He can answer your questions and tell you which service he would recommend based on your individual situation.

To do that, he needs to visit with you in person at our dentist office in Alma, MI. To make that happen, call 989-796-4848 or contact us online to request an appointment.